Staff and Team Augmentation

Since 1997, Unison Systems’ seasoned team of staffing professionals has been partnering with business customers to provide experienced consultants to internal IT project teams and key client initiatives. Unison consultants fill specific skill and knowledge gaps in a project team, while allowing the client to maintain full control of their project.

Unison consultants offer clients many near-term advantages over full-time employees, namely:

  • The ability to hit the ground running with both industry and technical expertise related to the client’s business and specific projects.
  • The opportunity for a client to outsource overall and day-to-day HR functions, deferring related labor costs and liabilities.
  • The value of adding proven experience for a specific time period, creating budget flexibility and optimal use of a resource.

In many cases, Unison Systems works with the client to construct contract-to-hire scenarios, enabling the client to hire a consultant full-time once the initial contract period has expired. The benefit of this type of hire is that the client receives the long-term value of an employee who is already a proven entity. In addition, it can reduce recruiting expenses and a lengthy interview process, and can offset such hiring risk factors as lost time and cost of an errant hiring decision.

Technical areas and positions/roles for which Unison Systems provides Staff and Team Augmentation Services:

Data Management 
  • Data Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Modelers
  • ETL Developers
  • SQL and Reporting Developers
  • Project Managers
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Software Development (SDLC) 
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Systems Analysts
  • Software Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Software Q/A Testers
  • Project Managers
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Infrastructure Management 
  • Network Engineers
  • Firewall/Security Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Database Administrators
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Marine/Offshore Engineering 
  • AutoCAD Designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Program Managers
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Unison Systems enables companies across many industries to meet their rising performance demands by identifying and delivering cost-effective data technology solutions to include business intelligence (reports, dashboards, and portals), data warehousing, system engineering, identity management, and program/project management. Our solutions produce immediate, consistent and high-performance results that, in turn, reduce expense, increase revenue, and provide operational efficiencies for your company. We carefully listen to, and analyze, our clients’ needs to provide customized solutions that align strategy with the right technology.

Business Cases

Unison Systems has a collection of detailed business cases for some of our prior client engagements.

Additional Business Cases are available upon request.

We partner with our clients to find the best staffing approach to implement each solution.
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We can provide a full spectrum of support to include End-to-End Solutions, Pure Project Management, Blended Team Management, Project Team Augmentation, Executive Level Consultation, and/or Technology/Business Advisory.

We also have the ability to code and host your solution on-site or in-house at the Unison offices.

Unison Systems has adopted the globally recognized program management and Capability Maturity Modeling® methodologies established by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to help meet and exceed customer expectations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with internal policy or regulatory demands.

These methodologies allow for the scalability of complex solutions that are implemented under tight timelines, while effectively managing risk and avoiding costly mistakes.

Experience & Core Competencies
The Unison team has been developing innovative IT solutions for a range of industries for many years.
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Our executive staff has over fifty years of combined technology experience with proven expertise in all aspects of system design, development, integration, test, deployment and support.

Unison has over 25 years of combined business experience working for the largest cable operator in the country in roles that included direct responsibility for Business Intelligence, Application Development, Identity Management, Systems Integration, Information Systems, Database Maintenance, and Serviceability. Our experience has given us a detailed understanding of cable operations and the internal and external systems used by the company. As a result, we have substantial expertise with the following cable data platforms:
  • CSG, Amdocs, ICOMS Billing data
  • Network and Provisioning data
  • Global Directory/Identity Management data
  • Inventory Asset Management data
  • Video On Demand asset and lease data, SDV, PPV and ODOL
  • Financial data
  • Remedy/TTS Data
Unison Systems has created a prototype to enhance the customer experience for service industries.
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  • Our “One Page Neighborhood” portal provides a single gateway for customers to more easily manage and understand their service status in a highly personalized, geographic view, along with account status, product information, promotional updates, etc.
  • The self-service functionality provides customers with the capability to communicate with customer service personnel, technicians, or other customers in a neighborhood forum or one-on-one chat session.
  • Customers may also submit and monitor trouble tickets, access FAQs, and configure SMS features to request and receive messages from the service provider and interact with the customer’s devices.

The “One Page Neighborhood” concept will consolidate disparate customer data sources and can be customized to suit your needs to supplement your existing web content.

The portal is very easy for your customers to navigate and the self-service features and ticketing functionality will help reduce truck rolls and calls into your customer service center.

Additional concept prototypes are in development.