Software Development Life Cycle

Unison Systems has a wide range of experience with all methodologies used for the Software/Systems Development Lifecycle to include Waterfall, Spiral, Joint Application Development, Rapid Application Development, Agile, etc. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients’ needs and placing their interests and the unique demands of each project first, in order to apply the best development approach to ensure a timely, cost efficient development life cycle.

We offer end-to-end solutions and technology consultants in support of all aspects of your development initiative.

Planning and Business Analysis

At Unison Systems, we understand the success of a project is dependent on robust, quality business analysis. Our team members are experienced in identifying and understanding your business needs and crafting the corresponding functional and system design specifications. Our analysts then work hand-in-hand with your architects to determine the right solution for your project. Throughout the development life cycle, our analysts take an iterative approach to gathering requirements to make sure all aspects of the development effort, and final deployment, meet your expectations.

Software/System Architecture

The design, structure, behavior and view of your system is a critical component to its overall successful deployment and integration with other enterprise systems. At Unison Systems, our architects can provide the design concepts and documentation for the data and process models for your system along with a cohesive system integration and design/data governance plan. Ultimately, the solution we architect will ensure your business requirements are met in an optimized and efficient manner.

Software/System Engineering

Unison’s software developers are well versed in a variety of programming languages and understand the importance of adhering to standard development methodologies. We are experienced in data-centric applications, web design, content development, application development, network security configuration, etc. We understand the importance of writing modular, reusable, easily modifiable source code and ensuring that the code is well documented while meeting the requirements and expectations of the overall initiative.

Software Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality assurance testing throughout the development life cycle ensures that coding errors are addressed in a timely manner, the system is meeting the needs of each documented requirement, and that mistakes are eliminated prior to launch. Our highly trained quality assurance team members provide the safeguards during the development life cycle that reduce overall costs, increase productivity, and ensure a quality product is delivered.

Program/Project Management

Unison’s Program and Project Managers are experts at managing small and large-scale technology projects, no matter how complex. From planning to deployment, our project managers can step in at any stage of your project and facilitate a successful implementation. We have experience in a variety of industries including Technology, Financial Services, Communications, Service, Government, etc. Our project managers drive the project resources to deliver a high quality solution as planned.